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American Diabetes Association's GENNID study (Genetics of NIDDM)

DNA samples and extensive phenotypic data are available from the American Diabetes Association's GENNID study (Genetics of NIDDM). GENNID has collected detailed family histories and a broad array of data on 170 large pedigrees, all of which contain at least one affected sib pair, with a total of 650 affected individuals and approximately 1,200 total subjects. Included are approximately 65 Caucasian, 60 Hispanic, 25 African American, and 20 Japanese American pedigrees.

The EndocrineWeb
This information is intended for the education of patients and their families. There are over 150 very detailed but easy to understand pages on endocrine disease, hormone problems, and treatment options including all types of diabetes treatments and diets, the latest in osteoporosis treatment, and thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal surgery.

The Minnesota Health Atlas
The MN Health Atlas is an online series of maps showing county-by-county data, focused to help the state's diabetic population.