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Interactive, next-genertion brain atlas based on >20 megapixels of sub-micron resolution. Over 60 terabytes of brain image data are accessible (June, 2009 lmj). Includes annotated, scanned images of serial sections of both primate and non-primate brains. A menagerie of animal brains. Includes some 3-D images. Officially launched May, 2005

Brain Explorer - Human Brain Atlas

From the Lundbeck Institute, Skodsborg, Denmark. A fundamental brain explorer atlas of the human brain with slimpified, easy-to-understand drawings.

Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC)

The CNBC is dedicated to the investigation of the neural mechanisms that give rise to human cognitive abilities, broadly construed. We stress the convergent use of a wide range of methods to investigate topics ranging from sensory processing and motor control to language, semantic cognition, and reasoning.

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections

Major National Resources for the Study of Brain Anatomy - the University of Wisconsin, Michigan State University, and The National Museum of Health and Medicine. This web site provides users with images and information from one of the largest collections of well-preserved, sectioned and stained brains of over 100 different species. Includes brain evolution, development, circuitry, functions, and links to other brain atlases.

Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, USC

An extremely comprehensive and diverse resource for neuro imaging. Includes quantitative and qualitative brain structure and function maps, databases of images, computing resources, News and Events, and over 34 different software offerings. Also includes work flow applications, image registration, iTools, and many other tool kits. Provides access to various Wikis for collaboration, project development, document management and more.

Neuromuscular Disease Center

A well-organized resource of neuromuscular disorders by the Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

Neuroscience Information Framework

A dynamic inventory of Web-based neuroscience resources: data, materials, and tools accessible via any computer connected to the Internet. An initiative of the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research, the Neuroscience Information Framework advances neuroscience research by enabling discovery and access to public research data and tools worldwide through an open source, networked environment.

Surgical Technologist’s Guide to Brain Anatomy

The goal of is to provide both useful information for the practicing surgical technologist as well as the student of. We want to help you make the most informed decision possible about your education and employment opportunities, which is why we’ve gathered a variety of resources to help you learn more about the field.