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Abysis database

Immunological protein sequence information and related tools
Alzheimer Research Forum Antibody directory
Alzheimer Disease related antibodies

Antibody Directory

An antibody direcotry maintained by, a division of Genelinx International, Inc., with its headquarters in Dublin Ohio, USA provides a comprehensive platform for buyers and sellers of various antibodies, antigens, enzymes and proteins for molecular life sciences and biotechnology use. The sole purpose of this platform is to make such tools available to the global R&D community at their fingertips and to provide opportunity to various vendors to bring new technologies to market at a fraction of the cost.


An open-access database of commercially available antibodies against human protein targets. The site features user and provider data for antibody efficacy in a range of biochemical and cell biological techniques--so you can find the right antibody for the right application.

Conjugation of Monoclonal Antibodies

A series of web pages, protocols, notes, and various illustrations are given to aid in the conjugation of proteins--principally monoclonal antibodies--to fluorescent dyes.


Hundreds of thousands of product information submitted by our reagent provider partners, and millions of webpages selected from all 750 reagent suppliers. All are organized according to genes, species, reagent types (antibodies, recombinant proteins, ELISA, siRNA, cDNA clones, biochemicals, and others). Search antibodies, siRNA, ELISA, cDNA clones, and proteins from all suppliers.

IUPAC Gold Book – Monoclonal Antibodies

The interactive version of IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology, informally known as the Gold Book, Monoclonal Antibodies.