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History of Science

Alchemy Web Site

English translations of classic Medieval and Renaissance scientific and mystical texts.

Electronic Scholarly Publishing

Selection of early genetics materials full-text online.

DNA Interactive Timeline

Travel through time to chart the history of DNA science.

The History of Science Society

The History of Science Society is the world's largest society dedicated to understanding science, technology, medicine, and their interactions with society in historical context. Over 3,000 individual and institutional members across the world support the Society's mission to foster interest in the history of science and its social and cultural relations.

Internet History of Science Sourcebook

Providing links to a number of classical texts, websites and ground breaking papers in the history of global science.

National Library of Medicine's Profiles in Science

This site celebrates twentieth-century leaders in biomedical research and public health. It makes the archival collections of prominent scientists, physicians, and others who have advanced the scientific enterprise available to the public through modern digital technology.

Royal Society, Great Britain

Trailblazing: 350 years of science discovery and publication.

Emilio Segre Visual Archives

Search our collection of more than 30,000 historical digital images, photographs, slides, lithographs, engravings, drawings and other visual materials. The collection is richest in portraits and snapshots of modern American physicists, astronomers and geophysicists but includes many other scientists as well as photos and illustrations of laboratories, telescopes, accelerators and other instruments, objects and places. High quality print and digital reproductions are available for purchase at low cost while our stock thumbnail images are free to download for educational, non-commercial uses.

Society for the History of Natural History

The only international society devoted to the history of botany, zoology and geology, in the broadest sense, including natural history collections, exploration, art and bibliography.